as well 的用法

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as well与as well as只有一词之差,但意义和用法却相差甚远。 一、as well 用法: 1、as well常用作状语,作“又;也”解,相当于too或also,常位于句末,无须用逗号与句子分开。如: I am going to London and my sister is going as well(=going,too). 我要到伦敦去,我妹妹也要去。 I not only play the guitar,I sing as well(=I also sing ). 我不但弹吉他,而且还演唱。 2、as well 在口语中也可用于句中,作“也好,也行”或“倒不如”解,用来缓和语气。如: You may as well go. 你去也好。 The weather was so bad that we might(just)as well have stayed at home. 天气太坏了,早知道如此,倒不如呆在家里为好。 3、as well 可以直接用于just后,用作应答语(可视为It's just as well、的省略),作“幸亏,幸而;无妨;没关系”解。如: —We were too late to see the film. 我们去得太晚了,没有看上电影。 —Just as well、I hear it isn't very good. 不必遗憾,我听说电影也不怎么样。 二、as well as 用法 1、as well as常用来连接两个并列的成分,如名词、形容词、动词、介词,通常不位于句首。作“也,还”解。它强调的是前一项,后一项只是顺便提及。因此连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前一项一致;翻译时要先译后面,再译前面。而用not only ...but also...连接时,谓语动词与后一项一致。如: Your wife as well as you is friendly to me. 不仅你而且你的妻子也对我很友好。(=Not only you but also your wife is friendly to me、) Electric energy can be changed into light energy as well as into sound energy. 电能既可以被转变成声能,又可以被转变成光能。 2、as well as 用来表示同级比较,指“一样好”。如: You look as well as you did ten years ago. 你的身体看起来还和十年前一样好。 He plays the guitar as well as you. 他的吉他弹得和你一样好。3、用作介词此时,as well as相当于besides,in addition to,意思为“除……之外”,后面通常接名词或动词,尤其是位于句首时。As well as / Besides / In addition to eating five course meals, they drank seven bottles of wine. 除了五道菜外,他们还喝了七瓶酒。 验收台: 上面讲了as well与as well as的用法,你是否掌握了?一起来做一下下面的单项填空题。 1、They play all kinds of instruments and sing ____. A、also B、either C、as well D、as well as 2、Tom, ____ Jane and Rose, ____ going to the farm on foot. A、as long as;is B、as well as;are C、as long as;are D、as well as;is 3、They travel at full speed by day ____ . A、and night B、and by night as well as C、as well at night D、as well as by night 4、Mrs Black writes ____ ,if not better than,her husband. A、as well as B、so well C、so well as D、as well 5、We expect her to do the housework as well ____ after the children. A、as look B、as looking C、and look D、looking 6、She doesn't speak ____ her friend,but her written work is excellent. A、as well as B、as often as C、so much D、as good as 7、Which of the following sentences is right? A、Both father and as well as mother love me. B、Father as well as mother loves me. C、Both father as well as mother loves me. D、Not only father but also mother love me. 8、You feel ____ you did yesterday,don't you? A、as good as B、as well C、so good D、as well as 9、I'm sure I was right、It is just ____ I didn't lend him the money. A、so well B、as well as C、as well D、the same asKey: 1—5 C D D A A 6—9 A B D C